God has been awesome all through the past 10 years in using WON ministries building the lives of the people. Currently we were able to reach some small towns, remote and tribal villages in the states of Andhra Pradesh & Odissa with the gospel and established 33 churches with the help of 20 Pastors and some of them are looking after 2 & 3 churches in their vicinity.
We learned to be a blessing to others as we had been blessed by our Lord so coming month we, the WON pastors are moving to Mumbai for a week to minister in Telugu pastors fellowship and in gospel meetings organized by our dear friends in Mumbai.

8th graduation service of our Bible College went well and 134 were graduated so far and most of them are in the mission field. Thanks to all those we joined with us and helped us thus far in equipping and commissioning the youngsters of India to reach this heathen nation and also the other part of the world to reach people with the good news and infallible word of God.

kids are growing faster in their stature and some of them are doing college studies. When we see them defiantly our hearts are filled with Joy and gratitude towards our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because the teenagers of our Orphanage who are doing the college studies they all had come to orphanage as young and now grown up in many areas. Special thanks to all those who supporters and staff who rendered the service towards these kids in building them up in the favor of God and men.

WON Vocational Training Center:
12 students are stepped out with skill knowledge in the 6th batch and most of the previous batch students were placed in jobs and supporting their families financially. It has been such a joy to see these young women is playing major role in their families and society. These young women loves the Lord filled their lives with Jesus and once they were nobody but now because of HIM they are somebody. Hallelujah


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Jeevan Kumar Pallipamala Director of Win Our Natives Ministries and Senior Pastor of Gethsemane Central Church, serves the Body of Christ with great passion Glory his wife serves as Co Pastor along with an outstanding Pastoral team, who share Pastor Jeevan’s commitment to seeing people advance in the purpose of God. They both are blessed by three girls Susan

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