Pastor Jeevan CV
Jeevan Kumar Pallipamala Director of Win Our Natives Ministries and Senior Pastor of Gethsemane Central Church, serves the Body of Christ with great passion and his wife Glory serves as Co-Pastor along with an outstanding Pastoral team, who share Pastor Jeevan’s commitment to seeing people advance in the purpose of God. They both are blessed by three girls Susanna, Nimeesha & Christina who are growing in the faith and Christian norms.

His 17 years of ministerial, include as a Pastor, Bible College principal & Professor and renowned crusade and Conference speaker. Under his current leadership, WON a vibrant growing expression of believers, is driven by the mission of Changing lives, Changing Families and changing the world.

Pastor Jeevan is committed to clear presentation of God’s word driven by the objective of practical application. He is a methodical, insightful, humorous communicator who can leave a truth lodged in the hearts of those who hear him. Ministries monthly magazine entitled Theo Voice demonstrates his ability to present biblical truth with clarity and insight.

Pastor Jeevan received his Bachelors and Masters of Divinity degrees from the reputed  Bible Colleges which has the the affiliation  with Asia Theological Association. He also earned the  Masters of Arts and pursuing for the accomplishment of his Doctoral course.