As survey says so 70% population lives in rural areas. Lord gave the vision to reach neglected, ignored and abandoned regions to bring people into the knowledge of God. Every individual is so important to God, because all were made in His own image. Reaching the unreached and win souls is our only job. WON has been  ministering  number of people and continues to expands God’s kingdom. Some churches have been planted in rural and tribal villages in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Odissa,  and north eastern parts and there are plans to reach more in future. Since the year 2000, we have planted over 70 churches and few prayer cell groups and much of this work was done in slum, rural & tribal villages. We praise God for bringing the walls down to build his kingdom. We do give partial support more than 50 pastors and front-line pioneer missionaries established churches in rural areas in India. Our GOAL is to establish as many as churches in the coming years. Once there are 25 believers or so, we ask the local churches to buy a piece of land. Once they purchase the land then we help them build a church.

So please pray and partner with to support the front-liner pioneer pastors and build church in rural areas and remote places.