WON India ministry began in 2000 and has officially registered in the year 2002. Rev. P. Jeevan Kumar and his wife Glory are the Directors. WON India has started out as a church planting ministry in a small town - Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, South India, to reach rural and tribal areas. God blessed this ministry leading to full time church planting ministry and training programmes. Work has been expanded to many parts of Andhra Pradesh, South India and also to the north east part of India. WON India is Theo centric, Biblio centric & Missio centric ministries to reach India and Win India for Jesus who is the coming king.


The purpose is people save people and plant churches specially in the areas where churches were never established, based on the Promise in Mathew 16 :18
Training Indians to reach the other natives. It is full time Bible College, residential course for three years. Purpose is to train and commission them to reach India. Based on promise of God in 2Timothy 2:15
These kids are orphans, single parents of working class or common laborers; A few come from broken/alcoholic families.Purpose is to give hope and better future and to bring an eternal difference for the life to come, based on promise of God in James 1:27


Our goals for the future is three fold :

  1. To extend the present church planting ministries. Our goal is a total of 200 churches (worship centers) by the year 2020. By Gods grace ECBC (East Coast Bible College) graduates have joined the vision of WON India Ministries and want to pioneer the churches in different parts of India.
  2. To extend the ECBC Bible College facilities so that more students can be trained for ministry which can simultaneously help us to reach the nation to start new churches wherever needed in India. Also to increase number of kids in children Home so that many can be cared and brought up in favour of God.
  3. To bring new dimensions to ministry : To start primary medical center to help the people to experience the healing touch of God in their lives by also counseling them with the infallible Word of God. To continue old-age home for the destitute and deserving old aged widows. And also to continue the relief work to the lepers and organise the medical camps in the needed areas.